S.J. Jung announces small business policy

By Alex Robinson

State Senate candidate S.J. Jung rolled out his small business priorities Tuesday.

Jung, who is running against Sen. Toby Stavisky (D-Flushing) in District 16, proposed a five-point plan to help small businesses grow in the district.

“Small businesses provide two-thirds of private sector jobs in the city,” Jung said. “Unlike big-box stores and large, out-of-state corporations, small businesses are better for our local economy because the money they bring in is much more likely to be cycled back into the community, creating a multiplier effect for every dollar spent.

“Our state government should therefore help and promote a greater number of small businesses rather than just a small number of large businesses.”

His plan included a review of unreasonable ticket blitzes, expanding loans for small businesses and providing state business services in multiple languages.

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