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David Blaine performs for children and staff at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

THE COURIER/Photos by Salvatore Licata

It’s magic!

David Blaine, one of the most famous illusionists in the world, came to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center on Tuesday to visit some of the children in the pediatric ward — and he wound up putting on a magic show for the hospital staff as well in a sign of gratitude for all they do.

The show lasted for an hour and was filled with all types of card tricks and mind-boggling acts. It was so “out of this world” that one doctor even said, “I’m going to pass out,” because he could not process how Blaine could pull off the tricks.

In one act, Blaine had a volunteer come up and place 10 cards in his breast pocket. He then asked for the man to cover his pocket with his hand so people knew he wasn’t cheating. Blaine proceeded to ask the man how many cards he now wanted in his pocket. The man answered “eight.” So Blaine flicked the deck of cards in his hand eight times and told the man he now had 18 cards in his pocket.


When the man pulled the cards out he counted 17. Already stunned, the man asked why there were only 17 cards in his pocket and not 18. Blaine then told him to check under his wrist watch,  where the man found the 18th card folded up. The man jumped and yelled, not understanding how Blaine pulled off the trick while the room filled with applause.

After the magic show, Blaine stayed to take pictures with the staff and sign some autographs. He then went back to visit more children in the pediatric ward. It was something that Ramon Rodriguez, president and CEO of the hospital, greatly appreciated.

“We [were] so grateful to have him here,” he said.


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