Karma Boutique offers just that, karma and fashion

By Juan Soto

There is a lot of karma in this boutique, and a lot of fashion.

In the name, in the owner, in the customers.

Karma Boutique, at 38-27 Bell Blvd., opened its doors two years ago, and since then, has been one of the favorites for the locals and the out-of-town loyal shoppers.

For Margarete Papacostas, before Karma there was Azura, a store that combined lingerie and clothing, located at the same spot.

“I felt customers wanted more fashion, more clothes,” Papacostas said. “That’s why I opened Karma.”

Papacostas, who has been working in the fashion industry since she was 12, didn’t have a doubt when Azura was transformed into Karma.

“I believe highly in Karma. It was a good fit,” she said.

Karma Boutique is popular among Azura’s clientele, and it also added new faces to its portfolio.

Papacostas designed the layout of the new store, a comfortable modern site to shop and mingle.

“The response was amazing,” Papacostas said, as a customer was looking for a night dress.

As a small business, the shop is very involved with the community. Karma organizes fashion shows for local organizations, like parents and teachers associations.

“Our moms dress up and model,” Papacostas said.

Karma Boutique is doing well. Papacostas receives new inventory twice a week. “Everything sells well, ccessories, tops, bottoms,” she said.

Most of the clothes sold at Karma are made in the United States by several Los Angeles vendors. And the accessory line is exclusively designed for Karma by Laura Bling.

A key to Karma’s success is hidden in the price.

“We sell affordable tops, dresses, and it’s very good quality,” the boutique owner said.

Papacostas knows her clients are always looking for something different.

“We have loyal customers, and they come because they want to look different, and feel fine about they way they look,” she said.

Papacostas keeps up with social media. The store’s account with Instagram (karmaboutiqueny) is also a popular site for the clientele to check out the new collections.

“This way, we tell out customers what we have in the store and they drop by,” said Papacostas, who before moving to Bell Boulevard had a business in Astoria.

She added, “Customers are often satisfied. I think they love the vibes of the store, and, of course, the fashion.”

The boutique is open seven days a week, Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Sunday from 12-6 p.m. Karma offers discounts to the fashion lovers. For every 10 stamps in a reward card, the customer gets 20 percent off the next purchase.

Papacostas sees herself opening another Karma Boutique somewhere else in the borough.

“Neighborhoods need a little karma, it spices up their lives,” she said.

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