Indian spiritual leader appearing at free Queens College conference

Spiritual leader Shri  Gurudev
Photo courtesy of the World Spiritual Awareness Forum

Renowned Indian spiritual leader Shri Gurudev will be hosting a free conference at Queens College on Sunday.

The conference is titled “Divya Darshan & Blessings” and will take place from 12:30 to 6 p.m. on Oct. 4 at the Colden Auditorium at the Queens College Center for Performing Arts at 153-49 Reeves Ave.

The guru will provide teachings on living life by speaking onstage at the beginning of the event to provide a spiritual discourse. Afterward, he will meet with attendees to provide blessings for each person.

“A little faith will lead you to heaven,” Shri Gurudev says in his teachings. “Full faith will bring heaven to you.”

The guru is one of the most influential Hindu leaders in India and many follow him around the world. He has visited over 170 countries to promote vegetarianism and a nonviolent way of life, among other spiritual ideas.

In the past, conferences hosted by the master have been attended by thousands of his followers, including a three-day event in which he received more than 2,300 followers during his last New York trip in 2014.

According to a website promoting his upcoming New York visit, Shri Gurudev was born in Delhi in 1941.

His parents gave him up for a spiritual life after a near-death experience as an infant, and in addition to becoming a recognized spiritual figure he also holds several degrees from prestigious Indian universities. These include a physics honors degree and an electrical engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and master’s degrees in Sanskrit, Hindi and astrology.

His personal history attributes mystical powers to him, such as the power to levitate when meditating. During stints working in the “haunts of man,” he has been an engineer at a rubber factory and an Australian shipping boat.

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