Volunteers set to beautify bike lane in Long Island City

Volunteers will embark on a beautification project to paint a barrier around a bike lane in Long Island City this week with this design by Parsons graduate student Jessie Contour.
Photo courtesy of the Department of Transportation

A bike lane in Long Island City is about to get beautified as part of the Department of Transportation’s Barrier Beautification program.

Starting Tuesday, Oct. 6, 50 volunteers will head out to a new protected bike lane on Vernon Boulevard between 31st and 40th avenues to paint unique, colorful designs by Parsons School of Design graduate student Jessie Contour.

The volunteers will transform 1,080 feet of concrete barrier from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday and Friday, Oct. 9. Employees from the Midtown Community Court Justice system have been assisting with priming the space for the past several days.

Contour has a background in graphic design and illustration and currently works in game design. Her design for the barrier, titled “Jazz Lights,” “aims to relive the energy and fun of the ‘90s through a bold color palette and dynamic repeated pattern,” according to the DOT.

This is the 11th iteration of the program, where 25 sets of barriers spanning 7 miles or 35,110 linear feet have been beautified throughout the five boroughs.

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