Forest Hills woman catches her cat sitter having sex in her apartment

Photo: Shutterstock

One Forest Hills resident was very surprised when her newly installed surveillance camera captured her cat sitter having sex in her apartment.

In May, Audrey Yang traveled to Australia for vacation with her husband. For the duration of the 19-day trip, Yang hired a cat sitter from an apparently reputable company, Pet Parade, reported PIX11.

A cat sitter was coming in regularly every day at 3 p.m. to take care of her cat Meow Meow. The sitter, Ahmet Ozturk, who happens to be one of the owners of Pet Parade, would come in and do all the boring, usual stuff that cat sitters do such as clean Meow Meow’s litter box, feed him, fill the auto-feeders, etc.

And so Yang was very surprised when her surveillance system emailed her still photos after it registered a motion in her apartment at 9 p.m. Ozturk unlocked the apartment and entered accompanied by a female friend. Yang said that due to time difference it was lunchtime in Australia when she began to receive picture after picture from a very interesting scene unraveling in her home.

“We saw him and a girl kissing in my kitchen. That [was] just the beginning,” Yang said. After the foreplay on the kitchen counter, Ozturk and his lady friend moved onto the floor in the living room, later onto a couch, and pretty much to every single possible place in Yang’s apartment, including her bedroom.

“I start getting angry,” Yang said, “and I start texting him.”  But naturally, Ozturk didn’t respond because he was busy getting busy.

That’s when Yang called her friend Alicia Marshall and ask her to drive to the apartment and take care of the situation. Marshall proved to be quite the woman of the hour.

“Give me the keys and pack your things and go,” she yelled at the couple in flagrante. “This whole f*cking apartment is wired with cameras.”

To Ozturk’s credit, in a subsequent interview he was very apologetic: “I’ve never done this before,” he said. “My love for animals is unprecedented, you know. I love animals. I’ve never done this before. I made a mistake. I do deeply regret it.”

In the end, Ozturk paid to have Yang’s apartment cleaned, getting off relatively easily.