Victoria’s Secrets: Success Profile, Ken Gibbs, CEO of Maimonides Medical Center

To decorate the walls at the hospital, a request for artists in Brooklyn to submit their work was sent out, and many artists responded. Ken Gibbs, CEO, is in front of one of the works by Nina Talbot titled “Vendors of Newkirk,” one in a series. The hospital invites artists to submit work for a rotating exhibition.

For decades, Pam Brier led the respected Maimonides Medical Center, the largest hospital in Brooklyn, through the choppy waters of delivering health care. A number of years ago, she and her board decided they needed a strategic partner and began the successful negotiations to partner with Northwell under the leadership of their board chair Ken Gibbs.

On Pam’s retirement, he moved from board chair to CEO and when I met him he admitted he’s loving every minute of his challenging responsibilities. He even shared that he sleeps well at night, excited about each new day at the hospital.

In this world of money troubles at many institutions, Maimonides chose a man to lead the hospital who comes from the world of finance. He’s spent 30 years in public finance, recently serving as president of the Municipal Securities Group at the prestigious Jefferies Group in New York City. Knowing where the money is to finance the hospital’s growth could be more important than ever in these challenging days.

When we met, he was thrilled to tell me that the hospital had received an Outstanding Achievement Award from the American College of Surgeons for its cancer center. They earned a perfect score on the accreditation survey and received Commendation in all seven categories. Ken spoke with great pride and joy in his voice that his hospital had achieved this distinction for the care they are providing at Brooklyn’s only full-service Cancer Center.

He has expectations of continuing the mission of bringing the best services and care to the growing Brooklyn population.

With his know-how at financing projects and the relationship with Northwell, Maimonides is on the way to a great future, a huge advantage to the borough of Brooklyn.

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