SEE IT: Police save a group of ducklings stuck in a storm drain at a Howard Beach park

Cobaj ducks
Photos courtesy of the USPP NYFO

Ten ducklings that were trapped in a storm drain at a Howard Beach park caught a lucky break when they were rescued by officers of the U.S. Park Police and the NYPD.

On Thursday, June 15, U.S. Park Police Officers Cobaj and McGarry were patrolling in the park when a park visitor flagged them down and told them about some ducks that were stuck in a storm drain, which was located near the North Channel Bridge.

Upon their arrival, Officers Cobaj and McGarry saw 10 ducklings stuck inside the drain. Officers from the 100th Precinct and the emergency service unit helped Cobaj and McGarry lift the metal gate so they could get inside the gate.

cobaj ducks 2

Officer McGarry climbed down into the storm drain and was able to retrieve nine of the 10 ducklings. The 10th duckling wandered further down the storm drain, but would later be coaxed out by 100th Precinct Sergeant Quwella Brown.

Mcgarry cobaj ducks 4

All of the ducks are said to be healthy and will most likely survive the experience. The ducks will be cared for by National Park Service Biologist Bill Parker until they are old enough to return to the park.

Bill ducks 3