Ridgewood has nearly 700 empty spots that are perfect for new street trees, civic group reports – QNS.com

Ridgewood has nearly 700 empty spots that are perfect for new street trees, civic group reports

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One Ridgewood group is asking the neighborhood’s City Council representatives to help them make the community more green.

The Ridgewood Property Owners and Civic Association (RPOCA) recently submitted to City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley and City Councilman Antonio Reynoso the results of its annual street tree survey, which revealed approximately 690 locations in Ridgewood that volunteers deemed appropriate for new trees.

Geographically, Ridgewood is practically divided in half between Crowley’s 30th Council District and Reynoso’s 34th Council District. The boundary line between the districts (running north to south) includes Rene Court at Metropolitan Avenue, Grandview Avenue, Stanhope Street, Fairview Avenue, Forest Avenue, Myrtle Avenue and the Long Island Rail Road’s Bay Ridge line.

Crowley represents areas of Ridgewood north and east of the border line, while Reynoso’s district covers the remainder of the neighborhood to the Brooklyn/Queens border. The RPOCA survey found 335 potential tree sites in Crowley’s district and 355 sites in Reynoso’s area.

Over the years, both Crowley and Reynoso have secured funding to plant street trees around Ridgewood. Most recently, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz agreed to provide funding to plant 275 street trees across the neighborhood.

“Our council members have been very proactive in securing funding for street tree planting for many years now,” RPOCA President Paul Kerzner said. “This is an important contribution to the appearance and quality of life of our neighborhood. We are grateful for their continued support.”

The RPOCA, Kerzner noted, has worked hard over the past four decades to plant more street trees around Ridgewood and make the neighborhood a greener and more beautiful place to live.

“Our aim is to cover all streets in our area with a full canopy of trees, and we will continue to work toward that goal,” Kerzner concluded.

Kerzner was one of a number of RPOCA members who surveyed every corner of Ridgewood. Other participants were Maryellen Borello, Ed Lukan, Geoffrey Elkind, Voytek Oktawiec, Jacek Olszewski, Luis Rodriguez, Bill Smith, Ed Lettau, Carlos Ortiz, Angela Dykshorn, Jamie Taratoot and Ted Renz.

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