Open letter to Boro Commissioner Garcia

Open letter to Boro Commissioner Garcia
Douglaston Village Chamber of Commerce

We are writing on behalf of the Douglaston Village Chamber of Commerce, the community organization representing Douglaston area businesses. We wish to express the support of the Douglaston business community for the DOT’s proposed improvements to the Northern Boulevard traffic corridor, including bicycle lanes and other positive improvements.

The overall purpose of the Douglaston Village Chamber of Commerce is to promote the economic growth and quality of life in the Douglaston area. The chamber strives to provide a clear and unified voice for the business community, and it promotes the Douglaston area as a retail and business center, as well as social and civic community center, while providing membership services and networking opportunities for its members.

Our Douglaston area businesses — both in the Douglaston Village area, around the LIRR Station, and also at the Douglaston Corner area, at Northern Boulevard — support the proposed redesign efforts because of the potential new business that it will bring to the neighborhood.

It has been proven, time and again, that the thoughtful redesign of automobile-dominant streets into more complete streets, including protected bicycle lanes, pedestrian improvements and traffic calming efforts, are directly related to IMPROVED business activity. That is our goal for Douglaston. Of course, traffic and parking are specifically critical to our business community, and must be addressed in any improvement plan.

We have personally interviewed our local businesses over the last several weeks to discuss this important issue, and we are pleased to submit to you that a majority of the businesses support the Northern Boulevard redesign as an overall effort to bring more business activity.

We support this NYC-DOT street and traffic improvement effort for Northern Boulevard and Douglaston Parkway, and offer to work with you to achieve our mutual goals.

The Douglaston Village Chamber of Commerce

Board of Directors: Dorothy Matinale (Station Realty), Jerry and Joani Emerson (Peak Bicycle Pro Shop), Scott Gramlich (SG Sound)