Why you should vote no for Constitutional Convention

Why you should vote no for Constitutional Convention
By Benjamin M. Haber

On Nov. 7, I plan on voting NO to Proposal 1 calling for a state Constitutional Convention for the following reasons:

I resent the fact this proposal will appear on the back of the ballot. There is no valid reason why the proposal does not appear on the front. I believe this is intentional so that voters will be unaware or simply neglect to turn the ballot to its reverse side. This does not comport with good and irresponsible government.

The electorate will not know specifically what changes will be sought if there is a convention, until the convention.

General statements are insufficient. I want to know exactly what will be sought at a convention. The only specific item floating around is to alter or deprive civil service workers of their pensions, which I do not approve of.

Lack of transparency is reason enough to vote NO to Proposal 1.

Benjamin M. Haber


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