Here’s how Queens voted in the still undecided 30th City Council race between Crowley and Holden

District 30 map
Map courtesy of WNYC Data News

As seemingly all of Queens awaits the final ballots to be tallied in the lone holdout from Tuesday’s Election Day race — the 30th Council District race between two-term incumbent Elizabeth Crowley and Middle Village civic leader Robert Holden — here is how the district voted.

Only 20,309 votes were cast at the ballot box on Election Day, with just 133 votes separating the two candidates (Holden: 10,221; Crowley: 10,088), and reportedly there are hundreds more absentee ballots still to be counted. Holden claimed victory based on these unofficial numbers from the NYC Board of Elections, but Crowley isn’t conceding until every vote is counted.

“We’re up 133 votes, it’s all in except the paper ballots,” Holden told supporters on election night. “We’re confident it will hold true and I think we won this race.”

Crowley said in a statement on Wednesday that she is “confident once all of the numbers come in, we will have four more years to build on that success.”

In the district which includes Ridgewood, Glendale, Maspeth, Middle Village, and portions of Woodhaven and Woodside, Holden’s core communities of Maspeth and Middle Village helped him amass his lead.

According to a WNYC map showing the unofficial general election results from the NYC Board of Elections for City Council District 30, the areas north and east of Metropolitan Avenue were Holden’s strongest areas.

The Juniper Park Civic Association (JPCA) leader trounced Crowley in the areas near Juniper Valley Park (Election District 30006) 308 to 120, and in Election District 30015, Holden earned 249 votes to Crowley’s 90.

The two-term incumbent was able to pull out victories in districts in western and northern Maspeth.

Crowley held strong in Ridgewood and Woodside — areas where Holden isn’t as well known.

In Election District 37068, which is along Woodward Avenue in Ridgewood, Crowley dominated Holden, 115 to 34. Similar results could be seen south of Metropolitan Avenue and in western Glendale, with Crowley holding commanding leads over Holden in those districts.

However, Holden was able to pick up a few districts in eastern Glendale near Cooper Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard.

The 30th Council District has historically been a red pocket of the mostly-blue borough of Queens, with Crowley being the first Democrat to hold office in that area after she took office in 2009.

Holding true to this, according to WNYC, Republican mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis handily defeated Mayor Bill de Blasio within the 30th Council District, with voter turnout 10 percent higher in those Electoral Districts, suggesting “that Malliotakis and Holden supporters may have been more motivated to get out to the polls — both in the council district and citywide.”

For a look at WNYC’s interactive map of the 30th Council District results, click here.