Astoria’s Kurry Qulture will pay a portion of your Uber or Lyft bill when you dine there

Photo via Facebook/Kurry Qulture

The 30th Avenue station in Astoria is closed until June for renovations, but one restaurant is hoping to incentivize diners to use other modes of transportation to feast on their offerings.

Kurry Qulture, located at 36-05 30th Ave., opened in 2015 and features a seasonal menu, the only Indian restaurant in New York City to do so, according to owner Sonny Solomon. Solomon has more than 17 years’ experience working in city restaurants.

On Jan. 8, the restaurant announced it would partially pay for a customer’s Uber or Lyft ride. One credit of up to $10 can be applied per table and the restaurant will credit the diner’s check.


On the same day, the restaurant also announced a new winter menu conceptualized by Chef Binder Saini who was born in Punjab, India, and worked at restaurants including Saffron in Boston and Amma in New York City.

Solomon described the menu as a variety of “classic, soul-nurturing Indian dishes with a modern fusion and flair.”

The menu features 12 appetizers, 25 entrees and sides of naan, chutney and rice.

“There is something for everyone, even if you’ve never tried Indian food before,” Saini said.

New dishes include amritsari fish, a tilapia fillet with carom seeds and chickpea flour; teekhn murgh, spicy chicken curry made with Jamaican peppers; and salmon kalvaan, a tandoori grilled salmon dish with a coconut tamarind sauce.

Kurry Qulture also caters to vegetarians and vegans with dishes such as aloo gobi, cauliflower and potatoes with turmeric, phool makhane ki subzi, lotus puffs with ricotta cheese and green peas and dal makhani, a dish with black lentils and red kidney beans.

The restaurant is open seven days a week for dinner from 5 p.m. until midnight and for weekend brunch from noon to 3 p.m.

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