New York cancer screening facility shares 3 helpful tips for avoiding sun damage

Here are three tips you can use to avoid sun damage

Sun damage can have devastating and even fatal consequences. Ultimately, excessive sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer, which can metastasize at a frightening speed. However, skin cancer is one of the easiest forms of cancer to detect early, and doing so does not require an invasive procedure.

If you want to schedule a skin cancer screening, turn to Main Street Radiology in Bayside, NY. Someone on their compassionate team will be happy to conduct a thorough skin exam, as well as a subsequent biopsy if necessary.

3 Sun Safety Tips From a Cancer Screening Facility

1. Reapply Sunscreen Often
If you plan on spending the day outside, applying sunscreen once in the morning will not protect you all day long. When it comes to sunblock, you should apply it early and often. Put it on 20 minutes before heading outside, then reapply it every two hours. Make sure you apply a lip balm with an SPF of at least 15 on your lips, as well.

2. Make It a Point to Protect Your Ears
Approximately 5 percent of skin cancersdevelop on the ear. Don’t forget to protect your ears by applying sunblock to them and wearing a hat when you plan on spending the day outside. If you opt for a wide-brimmed hat, you will also protect the rest of your face from sun damage.

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3. Be Conscious of Sun Damage All Year Long
New York is far from tropical, and the state can get a substantial amount of snow in the wintertime. However, just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you can’t get sun damage. Even in the winter, wear sunscreen and a hat that shades your entire face to protect your skin all year long.

If you are concerned about sun damage, it’s never too early to schedule a skin cancer screening. In fact, depending on your family history and complexion, your doctor may recommend regular skin exams so you can treat minor issues before they become major health concerns. To schedule a screening today, turn to Main Street Radiology in Bayside, Queens, and Flushing, NY. You can learn more about the various procedures they offer—including bone density testing and mammograms—by visiting their website or following them on Facebook. To schedule a skin cancer screening today, call 718-428-1500.

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