Community remembers Corona Marine who sacrificed his life in battle

William F. Moore’s headstone at the Cypress Hills National Cemetery in Brooklyn.
Photo by Vincent Tomeo
By Vincent Tomeo

In June, we will pay homage to a Corona hero with an event to honor United States Marine Private William Frederick Moore.

Moore was born Dec. 15, 1897 and was killed in action during World War I in the Battle of Belleau Wood in the Chateau Thierry Sector of France on June 7, 1918.

There is a park in Corona named after Moore — William F. Moore Park, located at 108th Street in Corona between 51st and 52 avenues — known in the neighborhood as Spaghetti Park. The Parks Department, Community Board 4 and the borough president’s office are partnering for a cleanup of the park June 2, ahead of the June 7 event to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Moore’s death.

Moore is buried in Cypress Hills National Cemetery — Section 2, Gravesite No. 8439 — at 625 Jamaica Ave. in Brooklyn.

An American Monument at Chateau-Thierry sits on hill No. 204, marking the French commune’s Western Flanking hills. It pays homage to the thousands of Americans who died there, including Moore.

The Battle of Belleau Wood, (Chateau-Thierry section) turned the tide in favor of the western Allies and stopped the German advance to the capital of France. Months after the ferocious Battle at Belleau Wood, the war would come to an end. The Germans signed an armistice on the 11th month, of the 11th day, of the 11th hour. Today, it is known as Veteran’s Day.

World War I — “the war to make the world safe for democracy” and “the war to end all wars” — came to an end after countless losses on both sides, including Private Moore. We owe this to him — and thousands of other Marines and soldiers — our gratitude and thanks.

Remembering a Corona Marine (12/15/1897 – 06/07/1918)

Here I sit on a park bench wondering.

Brave Marine!

How will you be honored!

How can I honor you!

I see a park in disrepair.

Upgrade it!

Remember he gave his all.

Today marks the 100th anniversary of

both your death and the Battle of Belleau Wood, France, in WW One.

June 7th, 1918,

Killed in action. In a vicious, and furious battle,

fighting hand to hand combat.

You pushed the Germans back and turned the tides of the War.

Our brave Marines, and soldiers, too, helped win the War.

US Marine, Private William Frederick Moore.

You instilled in me a sense of pride in country, neighborhood, community.

You will always be a Marine.

You personify honor and courage.

How can I honor you?

You were just 19 years old when you enlisted April 15, 1917.

You once walked the very streets I roamed.

You graduated from the same school my grandparents attended, PS 17.

I will work for Peace and keep your Memory alive.

“Rest in soft peace.”

Semper Fidelis!

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