NYC Transit Authority and elected officials announced 7 train repairs will finally come to Queens starting this July

Photo courtesy of Congressman Crowley's office

7 train repairs are coming to a station near you.

On Tuesday, Congressman Joe Crowley along with NYC Transit Authority President Andy Byford, and Councilmen Daniel Dromm and Francisco Moya announced that repairs and repainting of the elevated 7 train would commence this July. The group held a press conference at the 82nd Street 7-line station in Jackson Heights, where the MTA plans to start the repairs.

The long-awaited repairs to the 101-year-old line come after the MTA secured a $45 million contract to make essential infrastructure changes and remediate the lead paint peeling from the tracks on an expedited timeline. Crowley proposed these comprehensive train repairs in “A Better Deal for Queens and the Bronx” in which he promised to make any repairs necessary to ensure the train runs efficiently and riders are safe.

“This is an important moment for Queens residents, like myself, who have been dismayed by the quality of subway service in our borough. Throughout my life, I have relied on the 7 line to travel across the city, and today, we are embarking on an exciting new era for public transportation in Queens,” Congressman Crowley said.

Dromm echoed the sentiments of the congressman, adding that he has been advocating for these changes for years.

“Finally the 7 train is getting re-painted. This is welcome news for the thousands of people who live near the 7-line trestle and ride the train daily. For many years, I have worked diligently to hold the MTA accountable for the deteriorated condition of the 7-line trestle. I rallied with local residents and business owners last year to announce a lawsuit to force the MTA to repaint the trestle. Together we will carefully monitor the progress of this project and will make every effort to ensure that it stays on track,” Dromm said.

The repainting and remediation of structural issues will begin next month, between 82nd Street and 103rd Street.

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