Queens cops work quickly to save a woman who was attempting suicide in Manhattan

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A group of fast-acting detectives worked to save a woman’s life after her friend came into a Queens police precinct stationhouse looking for help.

NBC New York reported that on July 11, a woman called police pleading with them to find her girlfriend, whom she believed was attempting to commit suicide. The woman had been on a FaceTime call with her girlfriend and had no idea where she was.

At 6 p.m. that day, the woman went to the Flushing-based 107th Precinct, where Detectives Raymon Portillo, Robert Alartosky, John Acconi and Abigail Soto jumped into action. With the woman’s phone, law enforcement sources said, they were able to get a pin message — which would give them a general idea where she was — leading to a hotel in Midtown.

The NYPD Technical Assistance Response Unit was able to pinpoint the friend’s location to The Hotel @ Times Square on 46th Street. Police said the detectives rushed to the hotel and spoke to the manager, who gave them a security key to enter the woman’s room.

Once inside, authorities said, the detectives found the woman hanging in the closet. Acconi immediately cut her down and felt for a pulse. Once the detectives found that she was breathing on her own, they called in EMS for assistance.

The woman is currently recovering in an area hospital. Officers say that she is grateful to the detectives who saved her life.

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