AA & TSA unveil new 3D checkpoint security scanner

AA & TSA unveil new 3D checkpoint security scanner
Jon Stone of AnalogicCharles Everett, Acting General Manager JFK Airport; John Bambury, JFK TSA FSD; and Darryl Towns, American Airlines Director Government Affairs, stand beside newy installed Analogic 3D ConneCT Security System in Terminal 8, American Airlines, JFK Airport.
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and American Airlines have launched a new 3-D computed tomography (CT) scanner in a checkpoint lane at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). This technology enhances TSA’s ability to detect explosives and other prohibited items that may be inside a carry-on bag. It is called the ConneCT Checkpoint Security System,

TSA and American Airlines gave a close up look and demonstrated the new 3d ConneCXT checkpoint scanner at American Airlines terminal.

This unique technology enhances the level of scrutiny and detection of prohibited items that are not allowed through the TSA security check-in. New 3-D imaging technology enhances images of carry-on bags, allowing trained TSA agents to be able to see a three dimensional view of any object in the secondary bag scanning by rotatng images of a bag’s contents 360 degrees to get a better understanding of the contents of the bag

According to comments by JFK TSA FSD, John Bambury, American Airlines Darryl Towns, Regional Director Government Affairs, and Acting General Manager Charles Everett of JFK Airport, CT technology improves detection capability by more detecting threats, thereby increasing overall security effectiveness. This results in more effective security screening at the security checkpoint. According to Stone, CT could offer the opportunity for passengers to leave liquids, gels and aerosols as well as laptops in their carry on bags at all times. According to TSA, “Use of this technology substantially improves TSA’s thret detection capability. This partnership will allow us to deploy new technology quickly and see an immediate improvement in security effectiveness”.

Towns stated that “American is committed to raising the bar on global aviation security while improving the customer experience.” He said is is very import to “stay ahead” and thanked Congress for appropriating money for this challenge. Improving the customer experience is one of the more important responsibilities that the Port Authority and JFK Airport feel that they have to provide to the traveller and werk closely with terminal operators and airlines to continually work towards this goal said Everett.

Currently some terminals use recently installed Automated Speed Lanes (ASL), which is a speedier way of moving bags through security. When asked if this CT technology would replace ASL . According to Jon Stone of Analogic the answer was N0”. He believes that these two technologies can be married and provide top to bottom increase in efficiency, speed and security on the security lines because ConneCT Integrates seamlessly with leading “Smart Lane” systems and remote screening solutions.

The new CT technology, as compared to the standard x-ray machines currently used, use a special Computed Tomography (CT) that was orignally created for hospital MRI-like use according to Jon Stone of Analogic who manufactures this equipment. This company holds many of the original patents for this technique and began to modify health equipment to be used in aviation security.“ Our machine can instantly provide 3d views, provide better visibility and reduce image clutter and can automatically detect explosives, including liquids, by shooting hundreds of images with an X-ray camera spinning around compared to a single image from traditional currently used-x-ray equipment,

Research and development efforts have shown that CT is the most consequential technology available today for airport checkpoints worldwide. While this is a test at American at JFK Airport, it promises to be on the forefront of security control throughout the world once established.

Acting General Manager JFK Airport Charles Everett speaks about the new 3D ConneCT Security System that TSA and American Airlines installed at American Airlines Terminal 8, JFK Airport, which will improve explosive threat detection at security checkpoints.
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

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