JFK Airport Manager’s Bulletins

JFK Airport Manager’s Bulletins
JFK Airport Interim General Manager Charles Everett, Port Authority Aviation Director Huntley Lawrence and Deputy General Manager JFK Airport John Selden at the EOC soon to be co-housed with the AOC .
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

Airport Ops Center (AOC)

JFK Airport has a functioning has an Airport Operations Center (AOC). This AOC will serve as a dedicated facility providing 24-7 daily operational and situational awareness, while promoting collaborative day-to-day decision making for the entire airport community.

It will act as the central nerve system while providing key components to aid in a fluid and seamless airport operation. This center is the result of improving security and stronger ties across the airport entities for better communication and action when required. In the fall of 2018 the AOC will move from Building 145 to the interim AOC at Building 111 , co-housed with the EOC, operating on a 24-7 basis with presence and support of PA Operations, Port Police, Port Security, CBP, TSA, National Guard , NYS Police and EMS.

Planning for a new permanent AOC/EOC location is underway with expected completion in late 2020 or early 2021. The EOC function will remain the same and will continue to operate as the primary location for all airport emergency incident management with the goal of returning the airport to normal operation.

The AOC will act as command and control center or management center for daily operations.

Fore more information contact Theresa Rizzuto at trizzuto@panynj,gov or James Munday at jmunday@panynj.gov

Blood Drive

The Port Authority and the Port Authority Police in conjunction with New York Blood Center, announce the Blood Drive at Building 14 in the “Bloodmobile” Monday September 10th, and Thursday September 13th, 9am-6pm each day.

To sign up contact Jordan Wein, jmwein@panynj.gov or Lt. Rhein, drhein@panynj.gov.

LIRR Ticket Machines

The Port Authority expects all ticket vending machines at Jamaica Station to be operational offering the $40 Unlimited Air Train Metro Card with the LIRR Railroad Monthly by September.

Diesel to electric

An opportunity exists for companies wishing to convert from diesel-powered ground services equipment to electric powered equipment is available through funding from the Volkswagon settlement and the FAA’s Voluntary Low Emissions (VALE) Grant. NYS is designating $3.2 million of its share of the VW settlement to fund JFK Airport projects to support the conversion of diesel powered GSE to electric powered.

This is contingent on the installation of charging stations and commitment to replace diesel GSE with battery GSE and destroy the old engines. The funding will not be available for purchase of the engines but for the building of the charging infrastructures.

According to the Port Authority this opportunity will improve the stainability of JFK Airport and assist companies in achieving their own stainability goals. Interested parties contact Jane Herndon, Manager of Aviation Environmental Programs at jherndon@panynj.gov by September 7.Mandatory best practices training.

The Port Authority holds an individual industrial New York State Department of Environmental Conservation State Pollutant Discharge Elimination (SPDES) Permit that authorizes storm discharges from JFK Airport. To satisfy those conditions, the Port developed, maintains and has implemented a Best Management Practices Plan to prevent releases of a significant amount of pollutants, including deicing/anti0icing chemicals, into Jamaica Bay via runoff, spillage and leaks, sludge or waste disposal, and storm water discharges including but not limited to drainage from raw material storage. JFK tenant personnel are required to attend an annual training session to review important aspects of the plan.

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