City residents sound off on Twitter regarding Con Edison transformer explosion in Astoria that lit up the night sky

The blue aura from a transformer explosion in Astoria on Dec. 27 could be seen for miles.
Photo via Twitter/@Moussa1915

A bright blue light shined across the city sky on Thursday night, causing many Queens and other New York City residents to take to Twitter to react.

At 9:15 p.m. on Dec. 27, a transformer at a Con Edison plant in Astoria exploded, causing lights to flicker throughout the borough. The blast also released a bright blue light in the sky that left many city residents baffled.

The FDNY reported that there were no injuries as a result of the blast. Con Edison said that the blast was caused by an electrical fault.


The explosion, which one Twitter user dubbed the “Astoria Borealis,” quickly became a popular topic on Twitter, with many residents tweeting out photos and videos of the blue light from their neighborhoods.



Photo: Alex Mitchell/Bronx Times


Many people took to Twitter to say that the blue light looked like something out of the films “Independence Day” or “Men In Black,” implying that perhaps aliens had found their way to Queens.

There were a few people on Twitter that joked that the blast had to have given someone superpowers.



Others joked saying that the explosion was a gender reveal that “got out of hand.”