Three Richmond Hill sisters honored for hair donation to cancer patients suffering from hair loss and alopecia

Courtesy of Community Board 9

Three sisters in Richmond Hill donated their hair to make wigs for children suffering from hair loss as they battle cancer and alopecia. 

Councilwoman Adrienne Adams, who represents southeast Queens, and Community Board 9 members, joined the sisters — Safia Mohamed, 8; Saudia Mohamed, 12; and Stacy Sanichara, 26 — at Aracelis Unisex Salon, at 109-19 Atlantic Ave. on Oct. 4.

(Courtesy of Community Board 9)

The haircut by Aracelis Unisex Salon was free of charge and donated to Erna Blackman, co-founder of Butterflies By Blaq Incorporated (BBI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2012 in New York City. Butterflies BBI provides free hair replacements and solutions to children (18 and under) who are experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment therapies, alopecia and other medical conditions. 

“We are so grateful that the young ladies donated over 13 inches of hair each to our organization,” said Blackman. “Hair donations like theirs are processed by our partner, Hairline Illusions, and made into wigs that we give to girls in need, for free. Gifts like theirs help us help others and for that we are forever grateful.”

Adams said the girls’ donation will help Butterflies BBI give second life to children who lost hope and feel depressed because they have lost their hair. 

“I am so impressed that these young women would choose to give up something so personal, especially for people they don’t really know,” Adams said. “I am proud to support Butterflies BBI as they help to make children suffering from hair loss look and feel great again.” 

It was an honor for Community Board 9 to be involved in the hair donation event, said Board Chair Kenichi Wilson. 

“Sadly, many children suffer hair loss as they fiercely battle against cancer or those dealing with the effects of alopecia,” Wilson said. “Receiving a wig made with real hair can boost a child’s confidence and help increase their self-esteem as they deal with these diseases.” 

Sherry Algredo, education chair of Community Board 9, commended the sisters and their parents for their thoughtful contribution. 

“Witnessing these three thoughtful sisters, Saudia, Safia and Stacy, donate their hair is shining example of the compassion that exists within our community,” Algredo said. “We thank the parents Rayman and Nasalene for allowing the girls to participate and raising caring children. I want to also thank Councilwoman Adrienne Adams for her kindness and recognizing both the girls and Ms. Blackman for their philanthropic efforts.”