Petition filings reveal a whopping nine candidates running for Queens borough president

Max Parrott/QNS

The window for collecting petitions to appear on the ballot of the March 24 special election for borough president officially closed at the end of the day on Tuesday, Jan. 14.

In addition to the last-minute conservative-leaning entries from Republican map-maker Danniel Sun Maio and former Assistant District Attorney Jim Quinn, the filings from the Board of Elections contained more surprises for those closely following the race.

The agency said that a total of nine candidates have submitted more than the requisite 2,000 petitions in order to appear on the ballot. Those candidates include Everly Brown, Councilman Costa Constantinides, former Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, Danniel Maio, Anthony Miranda, Jim Quinn, Donovan Richards, Jimmy Van Bramer and Dao Yin. Jusinta Jaggasar-Emul’s petition lacked the necessary number of signatures to appear on the ballot. 

Of the six candidates that QNS was able to make contact with, Constantinides racked up the most petitions of the field, with a total of about 9,700 signatures, according to a statement the campaign released. 

According to campaign representatives, Miranda and Richards both collected about 9,000, Quinn filed 7,809 and Crowley and Van Bramer collected approximately 7,500 signatures.

Of the new names in the race, one of them is a veteran candidate. Everly Brown ran for QBP against Melinda Katz in 2013. 

General objections to any of the candidates’ petitions are required to be filed with the BOE by midnight Jan. 17. The objectors would then need to specify which signatures they are objecting to and a hearing would then be set.

QNS was not able to make contact with Brown, Maio and Yin. This story will be updated as QNS retrieves the tallies from the remaining candidates.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story stated that Jusinta Jaggasar-Emul obtained enough signatures to appear on the ballot. Jaggasar-Emul did not receive enough signatures.