South Ozone Park resident to launch visual magazine showcasing Caribbean creatives locally and abroad

Photo by Luigi Creese_LAWD_Founders
Photo by Luigi Creese

A South Ozone Park resident is launching a visual magazine on Feb. 1 to help showcase Caribbean creatives both locally and abroad. 

Sinead Collymore-Jones and her Trinidad and Tobago-based partner Sache Alexander-George will launch “LAWD” on Instagram. The quarterly magazine will have an initial rollout on Instagram (@lawdthemag) before expanding to other platforms. 

They came up with the name “LAWD” after thinking of a phrase recognized in the Caribbean and the diaspora.

“Instagram is visual, we thought it was [the perfect platform for the magazine] to build an audience,” said Collymore-Jones. “Because it’s a visual publication, it’s very light on copy, so you are not going to see articles. Whatever information we share or story we tell, we are going to do so visually through video, photography or film.”

The founders look to fix sporadic media attention by providing a space for creatives to showcase their talents. 

“It’s frustrating for us as Caribbean people to once in a blue moon have a Bob Marley or a Koffee or whoever and that’s dictated by global media and what they choose to highlight or share about us,” said Collymore-Jones. “So, if not one else is going to represent the fact that there is a whole culture, livelihood, life, breathe and color happening 24/7, then why not me?”

The first issue entitled, “The Folding Chair” is inspired by Congresswoman Shirley Chisolm’s quote, “If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” 

The issue will feature fellow Trinidadians: musicians Voice the Artiste and Jimmy October, and beauty and wellness entrepreneur Kathryn Nurse. Looking forward, LAWD is hoping to collaborate with creatives in New York City.