Flushing Cemetery celebrates opening of its first mausoleum

Courtesy of Flushing Cemetery


Flushing Cemetery recently announced the opening of its first mausoleum. 

The cemetery, located in the heart of Flushing, has been serving the community since 1853 and is working hard to continue its service in light of limited resources.

In efforts to expand its services and celebrate the gift of life, the cemetery partnered with Mullen Construction Company as well as Elisa Robinson and Kieran D’Arcy of Garden World and Keil Bros to create and design the landscaping of a beautiful mausoleum that will look and feel right at home in the serene surroundings of the cemetery. 

As a vital part of our community, our new mausoleum better equips the cemetery to serve the burial needs of our new and existing families,” Flushing Cemetery General Manager John Helly said

The new mausoleum will diversify memorialization options by adding more than 3,000 marble and glass-front cremation niches and over 150 casket crypt spaces.

“With cremation rates expected to be over 50 percent by 2022 in New York, we are hoping to meet the needs of our community,” Helly added. “And with a finite amount of ground burial space remaining, we are looking forward to seeing how our families respond to mausoleum entombments.” 

Flushing Cemetery also partnered with Behar Mapping, a high-tech mapping company, to create a 3-D model of the mausoleum. Behar’s Crypt3D platform – a web-based “smart” map-allows for staff to dynamically track inventory, sales and occupancy via a fully rendered, interactive 3-D computer model of the mausoleum.

The Memorial Chapel Mausoleum will be a serene place to memorialize and celebrate life for years to come,” Helly said. 

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