New York City’s first ever legal marijuana gummy comes to Queens

CuraChews will soon be the first legal edible cannabis gummy on the New York City market. (Photo courtesy of Curaleaf)

Queens medical marijuana patients will soon have access to New York’s first chewable cannabis gummy.

On Feb. 21, CuraChews, a product of Curaleaf, will be sold at the company’s dispensary in Forest Hills, marking the first time a gummy-like cannabis product has been legally sold in New York City.

Edible products offer medical marijuana patients an alternative form of care, one that doesn’t involve smoking or vaping. They also serve patients who may require a slower release and longer lasting effects of the cannabis.

“Patients have requested more oral forms of administration that also provide a pleasant experience,” said Dr. Louis Vastola, an alternative medicine practitioner based in Manhattan. “The availability of a chewable gel that has a palatable texture and flavor helps me recommend a product that more accurately addresses patients’ needs. This, in addition to the portability of the product, which provides an ease of use some patients need, gives me confidence that patients will adhere to their medicine.”

Curaleaf’s CuraChews will be available in Queens on Feb. 21, 2020. (Photo courtesy of Curaleaf)

The legal sale of products like cannabis gummies was passed into New York law in December 2017. The law allowed for products like ointments, lotions, patches, chewable tablets and lozenges to be sold in the state.

The Compassionate Care Act, the law that allows for medical marijuana in New York, was first passed into law in July 2014.

Curaleaf’s location in Forest Hills – 107-18 70th Road – is one of four dispensaries the company operates in New York. The other locations are in Carle Place, Newburgh, and Plattsburgh. The Newburgh location was the company’s first in the state, when it launched in March 2018.