New York suspends all state exams amid coronavirus spread


All state exams for elementary and middle school students have been suspended for the rest of the school year in response to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s order to shutter schools as a means of mitigating the spread of the novel coronavirus, the New York Board of Regents announced on Friday.

Tests that students will no longer be required to sit for this year are the third grade through eighth grade English language arts tests and mathematics tests, fourth grade elementary level science tests, eighth grade intermediate-level science tests, English as a second language Achievement tests for kindergarten through 12th grade students, and New York State for Alternate Assessment for students with severe cognitive disabilities in third through 12th grades.

“It is most important that during the time of closure that schools are able to continue to focus their efforts in toward local school and community needs,” said Board of Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa and Interim State Education Commissioner Shannon Tahoe in a joint statement.

The announcement comes shortly after President Donald Trump said that the Department of Education would be cancelling all standardized tests for all Kindergarten through 12th grade students.

The state education department is still reviewing the issue of the state Regents Exams, which students need to take in order to graduate high school, department officials said.

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