New COVID-19 testing site for pediatric patients opens in Forest Hills

PHOTO-COVID19TestingTent3 (1)
Photo courtesy of PM Pediatrics

PM Pediatrics, the nation’s largest provider of pediatric urgent care, has opened a new COVID-19 testing site in Forest Hills. 

Patients wishing to receive a test at the center, located at 70-20 Austin St., must first be evaluated by a pediatric expert from PM Pediatrics to determine if they’re eligible, either in person at one of the offices for patients age 0-26, or via the PM Pediatrics Anywhere telemedicine app for all ages. 

On-site testing is conducted one person at a time either in the office vestibule or under secured tents located in the parking lot of each location. Test results are reported in approximately two to four days. All COVID-19 screening appointments must be booked in advance. 

“We continue to offer this incredibly popular, convenient and helpful service to all families, both to provide peace of mind and medical direction,” said Dr. Jeffrey Schor, co-CEO of PM Pediatrics. “Our PM Pediatrics Anywhere app is an excellent avenue for medical guidance, as well as a support for families maintaining social distancing practices by limiting trips out of the home.”

PM Pediatrics Anywhere, the PM Pediatrics telemedicine app program, recently expanded to all 13 states in which one of its more than 50 offices is located, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., Texas and California. 

PM Pediatrics accelerated the rollout of the telemedicine program in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Since March 1, more than 26,000 parents have signed up to use the telemedicine program. PM Pediatrics doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are treating about 300 telemedicine patients daily. The average wait time for an appointment is under four minutes.

In addition to screening for symptoms of COVID-19, PM Pediatrics’ experts can answer a variety of questions about any pediatric emergency, from rashes to sprained ankles.  

“Some injuries still need to be seen in person in a timely fashion, such as large lacerations, burns, broken bones and other non-coronavirus-related conditions,” said Dr. Christina Johns, senior medical adviser for PM Pediatrics. “Everyone is staying home, which is absolutely appropriate, but sometimes more free time at home can mean more injuries, and some of them should not have a delayed evaluation. Telemedicine can also provide an excellent gateway to help families determine what level of in-person care they may need, if any.” 

The opening of its three new COVID-19 testing sites in Forest Hills, Riverdale, NY, and Paramus, NJ, brings a total of 16 testing sites nationwide exclusively serving children and adults. To date, PM Pediatrics has administered a total of more than 2,000 tests at its COVID-19 testing sites nationwide.