Queens Chamber of Commerce launches program to cut prescription costs to members

Mixed race woman holding medication pills
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In its ongoing efforts to support small businesses recover from the COVID-19 crisis, the Queens Chamber of Commerce launched the QCC Prescription Discount Card Program.

The program allows chamber members to be eligible to receive a card that helps make prescription drug costs as much as 80% lower, providing both brand name and generic prescription medications.

The QCC Prescription Discount Card is free, with no enrollment fees, premiums or deductibles and no claim forms, referrals or paperwork are needed to receive benefits. Additionally, the card is accepted at 67,000 pharmacies across the country.

“The Queens Chamber of Commerce represents over 1,400 member businesses with over 150,000 Queens-based employees. Ninety percent of those businesses have 10 or fewer employees,” Queens Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas J. Grech said. “As the cost of running a small business continues to increase, both business owners and their employees know that every nickel counts. We are thrilled to help our membership decrease their medical prescription costs.”

The QCC Prescription Discount Card is a drug coupon and is not considered insurance. While it cannot be combined with insurance, members can use the card instead of insurance if:

  • A drug isn’t covered by insurance
  • Current insurance plan has no drug coverage
  • Current insurance plan has a high deductible
  • Member has met a low medicine cap

To learn more about the QCC Prescription Discount Program, visit the website here.

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