102 Precinct Community Council welcomes new board members

A crowd of egar voters collect their ballots at the election night for the 102 Precinct Community Council Meeting, on Tuesday, June 6.

New board members were voted-in at the 102nd Precinct Community Council Meeting, held inside the One Stop Richmond Hill Community Center, on 110-08 Jamaica Ave., in Richmond Hill, on Tuesday, June 6.    

Election night occupied the majority of the nightly meeting, although a general sense of tension could still be felt among guests and board members, especially after the last CC meeting. 

“Last meeting, we got a little heated in here and we all settled down and I thought after that we had a great meeting,” said Captain Jeremy R. Kivlin, commanding officer of the 102nd Precinct, immediately after the election results were announced. 

He also expressed thanks to those who helped keep the meeting orderly and expressed gratitude as commanding officer. 

“ …Regardless of the outcome of this election, you all are members of the 102 precinct and the community here and you all have a voice, no matter if you’re on the board or a member of the community,” Kivlin added. 

Continuing 102 Precicnt Community Council President Simcha Waisman (left), Pam Marazino, Harbans S.Dhillon, Capt. Kivlin, Joe Iaboni, and J.Richard Smith, are the newly voted board members.By Anthony MedinaBy Anthony Medina

Maintaining his title of president, Simcha Waisman won the majority vote against the former treasurer Sandra Datnarain. Pam Marazino was voted into the treasurer position, and won against Budhai Latchman.

Joe Iaboni took the majority vote for vice president, replacing Ranjit Singh. Secretary J. Richard Smith ran unopposed and Sergeant-At-Arms Harbans S. Dhillon kept his position against the runner-up Vishnu Mahadeo.

Ahead of the election results, Kivlin discussed key crime stats for the Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill, Woodhaven, Ozone Park neighborhoods. He noted an decrease in robberies (15.8%) and felony assaults (62%) — two problem areas for the precinct at the beginning of the year.

Capt. Jeremy R. Kivlin, commanding officer of the 102 Precinct, addressing the crowd at the 102 Precicnt Community Council Meeting.By Anthony Medina

Kilvin stressed that residents should make sure to safeguard their property by not leaving car doors open, or running, while unattended, as car thefts remain an ongoing issue. A few residents shared issues with unreasonable noise complaints and concerns over smoke shops.

“For the year to date, we’ve written 726 Criminal Court summonses versus 339 last year. That’s a 114% increase,” Kilvin shared.

Kivlin also presented the Cop Of The Month Awards to police officers Christopher Bellacosa and Nicholas McHugh for the arrest of a suspicious person with a firearm.

Kivlin said the two officers acted quickly to apprehend the offender, who was reported by a 911 caller, and later suspected of trying to rob a smoke shop on Woodhaven and Jamaica Avenue, on Monday, May 22.

A Civilian Of The Year Award was given to Police Administrative Assistant Vanessa Yao, who Kivlin said never took a sick day since she started working in 2010.

Kivlin awarded the Supervisor Of The Year Award to Lieutenant Christopher Estrella, in recognition of his many years of service and help during Kivlin’s appointment to commanding officer. Kivlin also celebrates his one year anniversary as commanding officer in June. 

The 102 Precinct Community Council will meet again sometime in September at a new undetermined location.