Flushing community launches outdoor art exhibit promoting international culture

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“Museum Without Doors” will be held monthly and feature different artists and their artwork at the Bowne Playground Greenmarket, located at Sanford Avenue and Union Street.
Photo by John Choe

In collaboration with local artists, the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce and GrowNYC launched a new pop-up community art project, “Museum Without Doors,” at the Flushing Greenmarket at Bowne Playground at Sanford Avenue and Union Street on Wednesday, July 19.  

“Museum Without Doors” will be held monthly and feature different artists and their artwork. The concept was initially introduced by artist Shih Pao Lin in 2020, and the first and second exhibitions of the series took place in Maple Playground, where the Flushing Greenmarket was first located. Maple Playground was shut down by the city last year for reconstruction and renovation. 

Photo by Xinya Li

The creative director of the exhibition, Xinya Li, said “the concept of the exhibition aims to enrich local art and culture in Flushing, breaking away from traditional gallery and museum spaces, and entering public spaces and people’s daily lives, bridging the gap between the general public and art.”

Li stated that the first exhibition this year is a collaboration with artists Chia Hsuan Kuo and Pin Hsin Chu. Kuo’s work explores the theme of “sleeping homeless people and their dreams,” while Chu will present whimsical sculptures themed around “happy and imaginative children.”  

Photo by John Choe

The Flushing Greenmarket, managed by GrowNYC, was established in 2016 to expand community access to fresh and nutritious food grown by regional farmers, including baked goods, eggs, cider, fresh fruits and a wide variety of vegetables. 

The chamber curates programming at the Greenmarket, promoting environmental education as well as activities that support community well-being and health. Alice Lee, chair of the chamber’s advisory board, will be coordinating monthly programming with local artists to showcase their talents and encourage more people to visit the market. 

“In addition to healthy food, cultural well-being is also important. Food culture is often driven by art, and it’s delightful to enjoy an exhibition after a meal,” Lee said. “Our initiative, Museum Without Doors, provides an opportunity for New Yorkers to experience world-class art in an outdoors space. By organizing exhibits that combine global culture with local agriculture, we seek to support both artists and farmers as well as our community.”

Photo by John Choe

The Greenmarket is open every Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. until Nov. 29. The Chamber partners with GrowNYC to promote the Greenmarket and coordinates programming with local businesses, cultural groups, and civic associations.