3 tips to ease the move into your new rental apartment

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Congratulations! You’ve found a new apartment in New York City from an agent who worked tirelessly for you. Now you’re prepping for your move and looking for a mover? Check out Home Pros and then read these 3 New York-centric tips: 

  1. Hire Movers with NYC Experience

“Choose a mover that’s familiar with moving in the city to ensure your experience is seamless,” said Sharone Ben Harosh from FlatRate Movers in New York City. Double parking, maneuvering furniture through tight spaces/staircases, and dealing with building supers are all unique features of an NYC move. 

  1. Pack Every Item Before the Movers Arrive

When your movers knock on your door — it’s go time! Let them do their job by doing your job first, which means book early and be flexible with your preferred moving dates. Secure all boxes with tape instead of just folding the tops — your belongings will shift during the head-jerking traffic in the city. 

  1. Move Sentimental Items in advance

Because everything you own will be sitting in an open truck on a New York City street, it’s best to hand-carry jewelry, collectibles, photo albums, and other precious items. Insurance can’t replace treasured possessions. So be safe, it’s worth it. 

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