Extend term limits for electeds

Frederick R. Bedell Jr. Glen Oaks Village

I cannot understand why the public voted for term limits in 1993 and 1996. All the elected officials in the city will be put out to pasture after serving two terms.

Elected officials have a lot more to give this city. We need experienced leadership, especially during these hard economic times. Some politicians only serve their own interests, not citizens' needs. But in that situation, we can vote them out of office.

I am not alone in this view, for I have read recently comments by former City Council Speaker Peter Vallone Sr., who said he wants to see the number of terms council members serve to be extended. I echo his sentiment.

Vallone also pointed out that there are many qualified people who deserve to stay in office. I think a prime example is Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who has served this city well and has made it what it is today. We are in tough economic times and need experienced leadership.

If memory serves me correctly, former President Franklin D. Roosevelt said during the Great Depression: “You shouldn't change a horse in mid-stream.” That was and is true today. The only way this could happen is if we have another referendum and allow the voters a chance to decide to extend term limits this fall. I hope that is not too late to make a decision that affects everyone.