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I rode a bus to the Inaugural two weeks ago, on the most historic day in American politics that anyone can remember. An African-American woman in her sixties who sat next to me said, “There’s nobody riding in the back of this bus.” What a country!
I’ve been lucky enough to cover the presidential campaign for Fox Five news these last two years … and along the way, the other political stories that seem to be gifts from the newspaper gods: Eliot Spitzer, Caroline Kennedy, Hillary, Rudy, etc.
I’m usually not strictly limited to politics . . . in fact the old saying among reporters is that we show up when its “burning, dead or indicted.”
In addition, when it is cold, we will give you profound safety tips, like, “dress in layers.”
Now I am fortunate enough to share my thoughts with you in these pages. My career in delivering the news in Queens started with the Long Island Press. Okay, I was only 12, but I had over 100 papers. Moreover, if you have ever sold newspaper subscriptions door-to-door, you know you will never have a tougher job for the rest of your life. My shining moment was being presented a “paper carrier award” from a guy named Donald Manes, who seemed to headline our pages every day. He would get bigger headlines in the years to come.
I attended St. Anastasia elementary school, Archbishop Molloy High School, but left the borough to attend Fordham University.
I may have grown up in Queens, but I’m a Yankee fan (hold the letters, please, I had to endure the Miracle Mets in third grade).
If you grammar coaches want to take me on, I will merely tell you that I write the way I talk. (At least that is how you are supposed to do it on TV).
In addition to my Fox job, I host a radio show; I am linked-in, on Facebook, and have a Twitter, a blog, two cell phone numbers and two email addresses. And my two teenaged daughters actually try to use the excuse, “Sorry dad, I couldn’t get a hold of you.”
Nonetheless, I hope to hear from “You.”
Send me your stories, complaints (not too many, I hope) or anything else you think might be worthy.
My email address that my kids never use is dbfox5news@aol.com.
Keep in touch!

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