Details of health reform hidden from public

On Wednesday evening I witnessed one of the most pathetic political spectacles I have ever seen. In a television interview, our own Congressman Anthony Weiner was asked a simple, straightforward question five times and refused to give a simple, straightforward answer five times.

He would not acknowledge the fact that the IRS is the federal agency that is going to be responsible for fining you or anyone else who doesn’t purchase health insurance under the just-passed health care reform bill. I recall Weiner and the entire Democratic party leadership all told us how great this legislation is. If it’s so great, why don’t you want to admit to the details of the bill?

What else is in this legislation that you don’t want to talk about, Congressman Weiner? Could it be that if we knew all the details there would be even less support for it among the American people?

Everyone is aware of the fact that Americans are fed up and angry at what’s going on in Washington and it’s precisely because of foolishness like this. A member of Congress who endlessly dances around a question and who’s seemingly incapable of a straight answer on serious, expensive legislation he championed. We send people to Washington to get things done, not dodge questions. Your wake-up call is scheduled for November.

John LaPorte


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