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Yoga and Zumba for kids at Kidz Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for adults anymore. Kids can now become full-fledged yogis or engage in other fun classes like Zumba at Kidz Yoga in Astoria.

“Any kind of fitness regimen parents do with their children, whether it’s yoga or our great family Zumba class, is wonderful for them!” said owner Tina Mavrelis-Charalambous. “The kids feel special that they are doing something fun with their parent!”

Located at 27-14 23rd Avenue, Kidz Yoga offers a variety of classes for anyone as young as five months to adults. Children can take part in classes including yoga, capoeira (a Brazilian martial art that entails self-defense, acrobatics, music and dance), Zumba (aerobic fitness that combines Latin and international music with dance) and “mommy and me” classes in which parents of tots ages six months to age three can bond while participating in fun activities.

Classes offered for adults include yoga, Zumba, capoeira, fitness boxing, and suspension training (an all-body exercise system that utilizes small muscles and involves developing strength and agility).

Since its opening on November 1, 2010, Kidz Yoga has also ventured into the party business with its assortment of birthday party packages. Mavrelis-Charalambous said celebrants pick a theme, such as pajama party, zoo, farm and more, along with selecting yoga, capoeira, or zumba as the main activity. Parties also include entertainment, games, face painting, a bouncer, magic show, puppet show and other activities.

“The birthday parties are different than what you usually expect and it’s great because it incorporates all of the traditional fun activities at a kids’ party in addition to the exercise,” said Mavrelis-Charalambous.

When asked what inspired her to open Kidz Yoga, Mavrelis-Charalambous, a mother of three children herself, said encouraging children to have an active lifestyle was integral and that she wanted to give back to the Queens community.

“So many kids are overweight now and need to do more activities rather than sitting in front of the television,” she said.

Mavrelis-Charalambous also added that the family classes such as family Zumba set her establishment apart from other competitors because parents have the opportunity to take the class with their child and spend quality time together in addition to promoting a more active lifestyle.

Interested parents and tots can pay for monthly classes without commitment. Additionally, at Kidz Yoga the first class is always free.

“It doesn’t hurt to try, so if you find out it’s not for you there’s no penalty – but if you end up liking it, then you can sign up,” Mavrelis-Charalambous said.

For more information, call 347-455-3661 or visit www.kidzyoga.net.

– Alexa Mae Asperin


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