A waste of taxpayers’ money?

Senator Charles Schumer is the personification of the “nanny state.”

Passenger advocate at JFK (news brief by Michael Pantelidis and Nargas Karimi, December 22) notes that his latest cause is requesting that the Transportation Security Administration hire “Passenger Advocates” at hundreds of airports around the nation to assist those who may have problems with airport security.

A handful of people each day may have problems, while millions of other Americans put up with this inconvenience in the name of our national security.

Schumer, as usual, never mentioned how many millions of dollars will have to be found to pay for training and reassigning hundreds of TSA employees. Next step will be to hire hundreds more who can speak foreign languages.

Voters need a “Taxpayers Advocate” assigned to Schumer 24/7, considering the frequency of his standard Sunday news conferences and introduction of bills which continue to pick our pockets for even more money to fund his many useless proposals. With a $15 trillion long term debt at $48,000 per citizen or $134,000 per taxpayer — haven’t we suffered enough?

Larry Penner
Great Neck

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