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Fidelis Care encourages seniors to compare the 3 P’s when considering plans

Open Enrollment for Medicare is going on — a busy seven-week period through December 7 — that Fidelis Care has been preparing for all year long.

With three Medicare Advantage and two Dual Advantage plans offered for 2013, Fidelis Care underwent a thorough process of developing and fine tuning benefits and services that focus on key areas of interest for seniors — like $0 monthly plan premiums, $0 or low copays for doctor visits, $0 prescription drug deductibles, and other “value-added” benefits.

These include vision and dental care, flexible spending accounts, transportation, and “over-the-counter” cards that function as monthly debit cards for the purchase of health-related, non-prescription items at local drug stores.

“Listening to feedback from our members was essential as we prepared our 2013 Medicare and Dual Advantage plans,” said Pam Hassen, Fidelis Care’s chief marketing officer. “We’re proud to offer a variety of benefit options in 2013 that will continue to help seniors save money, while also encouraging them to take good care of their health.”

In addition to serving those who are eligible for Medicare, Fidelis Care has always had a special focus on reaching “dual eligibles” – those who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Because these individuals often have complex health needs, Fidelis Care emphasizes the importance of care management in addition to other key benefits that are part of its Dual Advantage plans. Through a Nurse Care Manager, Fidelis Care provides individualized support for members, helping them manage chronic illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Fidelis Care’s 3 P’s of Choosing a Medicare Plan:

• Providers – Are there choices of doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies that will provide you with easy access to care?

• Product – Are the features and benefits of the product aligned with your health care needs and concerns?

• Price – Is the price for the product a good value when considering the benefits and coverage offered? What are the doctor and specialist copays? What is the monthly plan premium?

Fidelis Care has designed a Personal Benefits Worksheet, available athttps://www.fideliscare.org/downloads/mcare2013/2013%20Medicare%20Personal%20Benefits%20Worksheet.pdf, to help guide the comparison process.

“Comparing Medicare benefits can seem complicated, but we are here as a resource – not only during Open Enrollment but also throughout the year – to help individuals do their homework and choose the plan that’s right for them,” said Hassen. “It’s important to make an appointment for a home visit from a Fidelis Care representative, attend a local seminar, bring a family member or friend, and ask questions. It’s about having peace of mind that your Medicare coverage will work for you, and that your doctor and your plan will be your partners in helping you stay healthy.

For information on Fidelis Care’s Medicare products, call toll-free at 1-800-860-8707 or visit www.fideliscare.org. For additional information on Medicare, visitwww.medicare.gov.

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