Da Brown Marks Hispanic Heritage

Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown announced on Thursday, Oct. 16, in the Kew Gardens offices, that MetroLALSA (the Metropolitan Latin American Law Student Association) has been named recipient of the DA’s 2014 Hispanic Heritage Award for their outstanding work in bringing together the Latino law student community from thirteen New York and New Jersey law schools to become an empowering voice in the legal profession. “What began as a spark of an idea by a few Latino law students four years ago has coalesced into a vibrant active student association that provides both a forum and a conduit in which Latino students can acknowledge their cultural roots and have a stronger voice and a greater impact on their schools and communities,” Brown said. “Diversity is one of America’s greatest strengths. Leadership comes in all races and ethnicities.” Joining Brown, center, were MetroLALSA members, Assistant District Attorney Aharon Diaz and MetroLALSA President Elizabeth A. Pérez, directly behind Brown, and to their right, State Sen. José R. Peralta and Assistant District Attorney Mariela P. Herring, chief of the District Attorney’s Gang Violence and Hate Crimes Bureau.