Bayside & Flushing restaurants come together to support St. Mary’s Hospital for Children

Photo courtesy of St. Mary’s Hospital for Children

Nine restaurants in Bayside and Flushing kicked off on Monday their week of charity by donating a portion of their proceeds to help critically ill and injured children.

Officially naming this week “St. Mary’s Week,” the restaurants agreed to donate a portion of their profits this week to St. Mary’s Hospital for Children in Bayside, which is the state’s largest provider of long-term care for children with complex medical conditions.


“Families come to St. Mary’s in search of the best care possible, which we are proud to provide every single day. Every dollar raised this week will go toward critical care for children with special needs,” said St. Mary’s CEO Eddie Simpser. “We are thrilled that our neighborhood restaurants in Bayside are stepping up to support St. Mary’s children.”

St. Mary’s is a nonprofit organization that provides a continuum of care, treating children across the borough and the metropolitan area through a network of inpatient, home care and community programs and services. The week kicked off yesterday at Uno Pizzeria & Grill (39-02 Bell Blvd., Bayside) and Fiamma 41 (214-26 41st Ave., Bayside).

The schedule for St. Mary’s week is as follows:

Tuesday, Oct. 18: Terrace Diner (212-97 26th Ave., Flushing) and Bourbon Street (40-12 Bell Blvd., Bayside)

Wednesday, Oct. 19: Papazzio (39-38 Bell Blvd., Bayside) and Kalamaki GR (29-06 172nd St., Flushing)

Thursday, Oct. 20: Yogurt Couture (212-67 26th Ave., Bayside) and Monahan & Fitzgerald (214-17 41st Ave., Flushing)

Friday, Oct. 21: Trattoria 35 (213-15 35th Ave., Bayside)

Visit their website for more information about St. Mary’s Hospital.