Whitestone biz district welcomes new sign

Whitestone biz district welcomes new sign
Whitestone has a brand-new welcome sign, thanks to the Greater Whitestone Taxpayers Civic Association.
Photo Courtesy of Marlene Cody
By Gina Martinez

Whitestone residents have a new and improved welcome sign. The Greater Whitestone Taxpayers Civic Association replaced a rotting, wooden sign with a new aluminum sign this week reading “The village of Whitestone welcomes you”

Kim Cody, president of GWTCA, decided to replace the old wood sign due to constant maintenance.

“The original sign was up there for six years and it was maintained,” he said. “One person would go up there and scrape the paint and it would cost $200 a year. The wood started to rot away, so we decided to go with aluminum alloy, which is basically maintenance free. The weather won’t affect the sign like the old one, which was made totally out of wood. It didn’t matter how much maintenance and upkeep we did, it would still deteriorate due to harsh winter weather and strong heat in summer time.”

Cody said he contacted an individual who actually had a business in Whitestone but had to relocate to put a great sign together for them. GWTCA posted the sign a week ago.

The sign is located on a busy intersection of 14th Avenue and 149th Street , near Whitestone’s business district. The placement of the sign is meant to attract visitors and locals. Cody hopes the new and improved sign will enhance business.

“We put the sign there with the hope that it’ll entice people to come into Whitestone and support local businessmen,” he said. “The economy has been bare for a few years and I think the sign is eye catching , so hopefully it’ll bring people from the community and from outside to support local stores.”

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