Conservative Party expects great things from Trump

By Bill Lewis

The New York State Conservative Party, at its state committee meeting earlier this year, endorsed Donald Trump for president.

Mike Long, the state chairman of the Conservative Party, felt that there were two issues that dominated the campaign. These were the national economy and illegal immigration.

In terms of the economy, Long believes Trump will give important direction to increasing jobs for Americans, which will boost our prosperity. Long thinks that improving the economy will help make America great. He believes that economic growth, by improving the job structure, will strongly benefit the United States.

Long thinks Trump will grow in political importance and expects the Conservative Party to support the administration and work with President Trump. It is a time when we have an opportunity to improve our country’s economy.

Earlier in 2016 Trump helped rally people to the conservative cause. His actions gave a political base on which to operate for future political gains.

Long, in his many years as state chairman, has supported many winning candidates. This time he has backed a major presidential candidate who has been victorious.

He indicated that an important factor in gaining a majority of voters were the rallies that dominated Trump’s campaign appearances. It gave voters a chance to attend the rallies and participate in a growing movement. The 2016 election brought out an unusual number of people who participated in the political presidential campaign.

I have never seen a campaign season like this where people took the election process as seriously as they did. It is hard to find a campaign in which citizens contributed so much in time and resources.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds politically. Questions arise as to whether it is possible to continue this type of political success. It has helped create a growing conservative movement.

In the final analysis, if there is success in bringing us a winning economy, Trump’s public political strength will increase immeasurably. We have never had a president with the type of business background that Trump holds.

Blue collar workers have been mainly supporting the Democratic Party since the 1930s. This year, however, they have overwhelmingly joined the Trump conservative movement. The next four years will tell the story of how the new movement turns out. We will find out if it is the political success that a significant amount of people believe in. We have seen a political group take over the U.S. government with many promises that could lead to success. We wish that that can be true.

Let us hope that we will have a peaceful transition as we move forward.

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