‘Vigilante dogs’ honored in Ozone Park for literally sinking their teeth into the local rodent population

Photos courtesy of the Office of Councilman Eric Ulrich

This one goes to the dogs.

On Monday, Aug. 28, Councilman Eric Ulrich honored The Ryder’s Alley Trencher-fed Society (R.A.T.S.) for their work to rid the streets of Queens of pesky vermin.

R.A.T.S. is group of vigilante dogs and their owners who have been hunting and killing vermin throughout New York City for the past 25 years. After hearing a series of complaints regarding a rat problem in the Centerville section of Ozone Park, Councilman Ulrich called upon the group to lend a hand to drive the rodents out.

In recognition for the group’s service, Ulrich presented founder Richard Reynolds — and the entire R.A.T.S. team — with City Council citations, honoring their commitment to serve and protect vermin-infested communities. R.A.T.S. accepts every call and doesn’t take money for their services.

“I’d like to thank Richard Reynolds, the R.A.T.S. team, and our fearless furry friends for coming out to my district,” Ulrich said. “While I hope that the rodents in Centreville are gone for good, I am grateful that the community — and all of New York City — can count on the R.A.T.S. team.”

Councilman Ulrich also made sure to honor the pups in the hunt: Tanner, Merlin, Rommel, Marcus, Paco, JayJay, Lacey, Mighty, Gracie, Moz, Jiggy and Daisy. He presented each dog with a “Vigilante Award,” complete with dog bones and beef jerky treats.

“We are proud of our visit to Centreville, and would like to thank Councilman Ulrich for inviting us to hunt in his district,” Reynolds said. “We are truly humbled by this honor and look forward to collaborating with the Councilman in the future.”

Also in attendance was Councilman Urlich’s 8-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Tiny, who was made an honorary member of R.A.T.S.