111th Precinct reports more mailbox fishing in northeast Queens, tells residents to use post offices

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Mailbox fishers have been running rampant in the 111th Precinct and local police are warning residents against using the blue United States Postal Service (USPS) mailboxes to send checks or cash.

According to an ongoing Twitter thread, which officers keep updated on the precinct’s Twitter account, there have been multiple reported incidents of mailbox fishing since the beginning of November.

Neighborhoods within 111th Precinct include Bayside, Douglaston, Little Neck and Fresh Meadows.

The most recent incident of mailbox fishing happened just days ago on Tuesday, Dec. 4. Officers reported that a check was stolen from the mailbox on 217th Street and Northern Boulevard in Bayside.

Since Nov. 3, the precinct has reported several incidents of mailbox fishing. In some instances, officers said that multiple checks were stolen from one mailbox. The following is a list of targeted mailboxes according to the precinct:

  • Nov. 3: Mailboxes at Little Neck Parkway and Northern Boulevard and Browvale Lane and Thornhill Avenue were targeted. Thieves stole and washed checks from these mailboxes.
  • Nov. 5: One check was stolen, washed and cashed from a USPS mailbox at 73rd Avenue and 188th Street.
  • Nov. 19: Fishers stole, washed and cashed a check from a box at 196th Street and 53rd Avenue.
  • Nov. 23: Several checks were stolen, washed and cashed after being deposited at a box on 60th Avenue and Marathon Parkway.
  • Nov. 28: One check was reported stolen from a USPS mailbox at 48th Street and Bell Boulevard. The precinct reported that a mailbox at 53rd Avenue and Springfield Boulevard was also targeted.

Officers are advising residents to avoid using the blue mailboxes until the USPS replaces them with new ones. In the meantime, locals are urged to take their checks and other sensitive mail directly to the post office.

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