Dog stolen in front of Ozone Park home reunited with owner after two weeks

Ozone Park stolen dog
Off-White. (Courtesy of the Ozone Park Residents Association)

More than two weeks after a dog was snatched from Ozone Park, the missing pup, named Off-White, has been reunited with his owner.

The Ozone Park Residents Block Association on Monday announced the pooch had been returned to 75-year-old Carlos Gil after a man on a scooter grabbed him from Gil outside his Ozone Park home.

It is believed that news coverage of the theft, along with the nudging of a family member, convinced the thief to return Off-White.

At press time, the social media post garnered over 300 likes and 104 comments, with an outpouring of messages from many residents expressing happiness and relief that Off-White was safely returned.

One commenter replied, “Really happy to hear that the dog was returned to his family. Great job for keeping the pressure up.”

Another resident enthusiastically responded, “So happy to hear!!!!!! I have never made more hashtags and mentions in my life! What a great network we have here!!! What do we need to solve next?”

Others expressed disappointment that there would likely not be any lasting consequences for the dog thief.

The dognapping incident was captured on camera on June 25. Gil’s nephew, Alonso Gil, told CBS News after the theft that Off-White was “part of the family” and that “the entire family was shaken up.”