Lewis Latimer House Museum launches contest for school children to celebrate Black History Month

Lewis Latimer
Lewis Latimer House Museum
Photo courtesy of the Lewis Latimer House Museum website

A local Queens museum has launched a creative contest for school children in kindergarten through twelfth grade to celebrate Black History Month.

The Lewis Latimer House Museum in Flushing, which celebrates the life and work of the African American poet, inventor and artist Lewis Latimer, is inviting school children to submit creative pieces of art and inventions in the hopes of winning prizes.

Elementary school children are invited to come up with their own inventions that aim to tackle everyday problems and submit drawings and descriptions; middle school pupils can submit an original poem or a Japanese style poem called a haiku inspired by the life and work of Latimer; and high school students are asked to submit original artworks inspired by the legacy of Latimer.

“These contests not only honor Lewis Latimer’s enduring legacy but also provide an educational platform for students to connect with history in a meaningful way,” said Adriana Burkins, education manager at the museum. 

The prizes up for grabs include $175 gift cards, scholastic books, Under Armour Curry 1 Retro Black History Month edition Lewis Latimer sneakers, and a class field trip to tour a new permanent exhibition at Lewis Latimer House Museum, which is due to open in Spring. 

Ran Yan, executive director at Lewis Latimer House, said that Latimer, who died at the age of 80 in 1928, not only left a mark on the world of science but also passionately advocated for the fusion of arts and sciences. 

“Latimer’s legacy stands as a testament to the interconnectedness of these disciplines and reminds us that creativity is the catalyst for scientific breakthroughs,” he said.

All entries can be emailed to info@lewislatimerhouse.org and should include the entrants full name, grade, name of their school, and the title of their work.

Entries will be accepted until Mar. 1.