PHOTOS: Ridgewood documents first snowfall in years

In a post asking for photo submissions on Facebook, Mo Tanveer sends over his photo of Catalpa Avenue in the snow to the Ridgewood Times.
Photo by Mo Tanveer on Facebook

While New York City broke its 701-day record without snow this week, Ridgewood residents took the opportunity to capture the historic moment on camera.

On Monday, the National Weather Forecast shared an estimated snowfall total of 2 to 4 inches throughout the night. As Tuesday dawned, snowflakes began to blanket the city, transforming its streets into a winter wonderland.

As the day progressed, a mix of rain and snow added a slushy layer to the landscape, raising concerns about treacherous icy road conditions. Temperatures plummeted to nearly 20 degrees on Tuesday night, causing any remaining snow to freeze over and creating hazardous black ice.

A public request for photo submissions by the Ridgewood Times on the Ridgewood Community Group Facebook Page showed a generous mix of snowy conditions in the neighborhood. Among the dozens of outstanding entries, we handpicked a few exceptional photographs that truly stood out and captured the essence of this snow in Queens.

Cris Gee, on Facebook, shares a photo of his Alaskan Husky named Lucky. Gee says he doesn’t mind the snow and Lucky certainly makes the most out of the rare occurrence. Gee writes. Photo by Cris Gee on Facebook
Mo Tanveer says he grabbed his camera and went for a walk late Monday night after realizing it was snowing. He hasn’t seen snow in New York for almost 10 years and it was a great opportunity he couldn’t miss. He asked the sanitation workers for permission before taking a photo. Photo by Mo Tanveer on Facebook
Mo Tanveer recalls seeing other nearby Ridgewood residents taking photos and making signs in the snow. He says it wasn’t too cold outside, but maybe it was the excitement from it all that kept him warm. Photo by Mo Tanveer on Facebook
Marko Pasos says he has a new found appreciation for the New York snow. He shows his pride in Ridgewood with a special mug in one hand and another photo captures what bike riders faced during this historic snowfall. Photo by Marko Pasos on Facebook
Iain Marcks captures the snow settled on nearby roofs and cloudy skies. Photo by Iain Marcks of Facebook
While at the Fresh Pond Road M Train Station, Lisa Mazzariello snaps a photo of the icy conditions from a bird’s eye view. Photo by Lisa Mazzariello on Facebook
Aracely Villavicencio captures the slush and footprints of commuters at Evergreen Park. Photo by Aracely Villavicencio on Facebook. 
Mayra Castro photographs a collection of cars on a Ridgewood block, showcasing a mix of vehicles that bear the signs of snow removal or have yet to be touched by a brush. Photo by Mayra Castro of Facebook
Susan Monti-Luciano captures a tree on Putnam Avenue with a dusting of snow. Photo by Susan Monti-Luciano of Facebook