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Gets Kick Out Of Soccer

Sam Archer could have gone pro. The 18-year-old John Adams High School soccer star says within minutes of meeting him that the minimum signing age for foreign-born “football” players in Europe is 18.
He could have pursued that route, but instead Archer opted for a starting spot and a full scholarship to a Division I school in the United States - and the opportunity for a college education.
“Rutgers was the best offer,” the 5’11 forward said.
“My mom and my dad were especially excited,” Archer added. “My parents have put a lot of time and effort into me playing soccer. It’s been my life.”
Although he was recruited by several schools including the University of Connecticut and St. John’s University during his impressive high school career, which included freshman year at Woodmere High School on Long Island, two years at the Brooks School in North Andover, MA, and senior year in Queens, Archer said that Rutgers’ coach, team, facility and environment sealed the deal for him.
“I already had a visit with one of my soccer teammates on next year’s club. The parties were really fun,” Archer joked.
In addition, he has been promised a starting spot as a freshman.
“They are giving [Archer] the chance to play and not saying, ‘Yeah, you’ll play once you are a junior.’ You cannot do that … He needs to play. That’s what he loves,” Archer’s Coach Alex Navarrete said.
“From there [Rutgers], he will play professionally,” said Navarrete, a former midfielder for the United Soccer League’s (USL) Connecticut Wolves and Westchester Flames.
Navarrete has been coaching at John Adams for the past four years, and over the past three years, he has taken the team to the Public School Athletic League (PSAL) “B” Division quarterfinals, semifinals, and championship games respectively. In 2007, the Spartans won their division and were undefeated except for a trio of ties with Beach Channel High School, the team Adams met in the finals.
“This was the first soccer win in the school’s history,” Archer said.
Navarrete credited Archer’s transfer to John Adams’ team - almost mysteriously in the summer of 2007 - as a big factor in their victory.
“I don’t want to say that he caused the win, but he was an important piece in taking us all of the way to the final,” Navarrete said.
The star striker put up impressive numbers in his senior year, scoring 33 goals. However, Archer said that his best soccer skill is his creativity, which he had developed over 16 years playing the sport.
As a young teenager, the Rosedale resident played with the Under 17 U.S. National Team, the Regional Team for three years, the New York Olympic Development Program and earned an invite to the Adidas’ Elite Soccer Program, which hosted 150 high school players for a college showcase. In addition, he has taken the field with the Everton’s youth soccer squads, based in London.
A few years ago, Archer’s Under 15 Regional Team faced off against famed-squad Inter Milan during a trip to Italy, and Archer managed to score off a header, he remembered smiling.
“Words couldn’t describe it,” he said of the victorious feeling.
This winter, Archer is planning to play on the New York Red Bulls Under 18 team. From there, he will head to Rutgers for summer preseason.
Still, Archer said he plans to keep an eye on the Spartans to make sure that they are continuing their past success.
“Navarrete … he is a very demanding coach … You are going to have to work really hard to have a spot on the team,” Archer said.

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