111th Precinct welcomes new officers to Bayside

Photo by Suzanne Monteverdi


An overall crime decrease and the arrival of 11 new officers were welcome news during the 111th Precinct Community Council’s first meeting of the year Tuesday night in Bayside.

Lt. Sean Dolphin of the 111th Precinct compared the number of crime complaints recorded in 2014 to 2015. He reported a 9.8 percent decrease in crime overall, as well as a 24 percent drop in auto thefts and a 15 percent reduction in felony assault.

Even so, there was a 23 percent increase in robberies, with 10 more reported cases in 2015 as compared to the year prior. The precinct had zero cases of murder in both 2014 and 2015.

Dolphin also welcomed the 11 new officers who joined the precinct in the new year. The group entered the room to be individually introduced to attendees and were met with applause.

“This is actually their second day on the job,” he said. “We are grateful to have them.”

The precinct also honored P.O. Dessmond Bodon as its Cop of the Month. A member of the Detective Squad and only with the precinct since July, Bodon has already made 20 arrests and helped solve different burglary patterns in the area.

After participants in last month’s meeting expressed concern over the recent threats and acts of terror in places like San Bernadino, California and Paris, France, the council invited Lt. Thomas Loeffel of the Counter Terrorism Unit to this month’s meeting to discuss terror threats and how members of the community can keep one another safe.

“There are no credible threats to New York City at this time,” Loeffel told residents in attendance Tuesday.

Despite this, Loeffel encouraged attendees to use “situational awareness,” exercising cognizance to one’s surroundings and reporting things that don’t seem right to a nearby police officer, the New York State Terrorism Tip Hotline at 866-SAFE-NYS (723-3697) or through the new “See Something, Send Something” mobile app.

“You really gotta tell us what’s going on out there,” Loeffel urged. “If you want to be anonymous, be anonymous. What you see could be a missing puzzle piece.”

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