This Long Island City fitness studio works to foster relationships inside and outside the gym

Photo courtesy of Workout Factory

According to Joia Aliperti, there are a lot of factors that set the Workout Factory in Long Island City apart from other fitness studios.

“There’s a workout culture going on that’s more than just boring workout classes,” said Aliperti, who is the Workout Factory’s studio and marketing manager.

The LIC studio, which is located in the warehouse of LIC Food and Flea (5-25 46th Ave.) is owned by husband-and-wife team Martin Kerestes and Zhana Galijasevic.

A self-proclaimed “product of the product,” Aliperti started out at the Workout Factory as a member, but soon became a part of the fitness studio’s team. The studio and marketing manager has most recently become a certified spin instructor at the studio.

Photo courtesy of Workout Factory
Photo courtesy of Workout Factory

Aliperti described the Workout Factory as a facility where members can get an “awesome workout,” as well as a place that fosters friendships inside and outside the studio. 

“Many of our members never thought they’d have such a tight-knit group of people to hang out with that care so much about their well-being,” Aliperti said.

She attributes the warm and friendly workout culture in the studio to its slate of “all-star” trainers who strive to help members stay inspired and have fun.

Three of the Workout Factory instructors that she highlighted are Alex Redelico (@alexredfit), Dean DeLuna (@deanfitmachine) and Cameron Norsworthy (@littlegirlbigbun), all of whom Aliperti praised for their commitment to the studio and its members.

“The instructors we have are the best in the industry. I’m picky about who we hire because I want the quality of the product to stay high,” Aliperti said.

She said that Redelico and DeLuna came to them from the team at ClassPass Live, which offers digital, at-home fitness classes to those who may not be able to make it to a gym or studio to work out. Norsworthy joined the Workout Factory from one of Kerestes and Galijasevic’s other companies, The Yoga Room. The trio teaches a variety of classes including fitness, spin and barre.

Photo courtesy of Workout Factory
Photo courtesy of Workout Factory

“All of our instructors know our members’ names and many have become good friends. That’s something I just don’t see anywhere else,” Aliperti said. “When you have top-notch instructors who care, it translates into genuine friendships that happen organically.”

Recently, instructors and members from the Workout Factory participated in a bowling tournament at the Gutter Bar LIC. Aliperti said that each of the instructors led a team of members and it was a great opportunity for everyone to get together outside of the gym.

In addition to the studio’s workout culture, Aliperti shared that the Workout Factory hosts special contests for its members, both to encourage members and to foster a fun environment.

One of the contests is the Spin Club challenge, which awards gold stars to members who complete spin classes at the studio. Once someone reaches 15 classes, they get a special T-shirt that Aliperti said “initiates” them into the club, as well as a hot pink bracelet. Aliperti added that members could also gain “bonus stars” by being active on social media and posting photos.

“What happens at Spin Club stays at Spin Club,” said Aliperti, who shared that the name is a play on “Fight Club.”

Photo courtesy of Workout Factory
Photo courtesy of Workout Factory

Another contest is the Summer InBody challenge, where members weigh themselves on the InBody machine, which Aliperti described as a “super high-tech, incredible scale,” to measure things like their weight, body fat percentage, symmetry in limbs and basal metabolic rate. She said that the challenge is used to help members with their eating and lifestyle choices.

In June, 75 members got on the scale and weighed themselves and Aliperti said they will get back on the scale in September to see if they achieved their goals. At the end of the challenge, members will be gifted with a backpack of swag, containing items like a water bottle, socks, a bandana and a sweat wristband.

The Workout Factory is opened seven days a week and a schedule of classes is available on the studio’s page. For more information about the studio, visit their website at wfnyc.com or call 718-392-2797.

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