NYPD officials address noise complaints, local street racing during Ozone Park Residents Block Association meeting

NYPD 102nd Precinct Captain Pratima Bhullar Maldonaldo speaks about the precinct’s crime stats during the Ozone Park Residents Block Association meeting held at the Deshi Senior Center on June 8.
Photo by Carlotta Mohamed

During the Ozone Park Residents Block Association (OZPKRBA) meeting held on June 8, NYPD officials from the 102nd and 106th Precincts addressed residents’ concerns about noise complaints and late night drag racing on streets that are disrupting the quality of life in the neighborhood. 

Residents were gathered at the Deshi Senior Center, located at 83-10 Rockaway Blvd., where OZPKRBA President Sam Esposito said he has received calls from residents regarding drivers doing donuts — making their cars spin in tight circles — late at night at 87th Street and Pickett Avenue. 

OZPKRBA President Sam Esposito and community member Brina Ciaramella at the OZPKRBA meeting held at the Deshi Senior Center on June 8.Photo by Carlotta Mohamed

There have also been complaints from local businesses about the issue, according to Esposito, and cars drag racing along Atlantic Avenue. 

NYPD 102nd Precinct Captain Pratima Bhullar Maldonaldo and 106th Precinct Lieutenant John Gherardi said they are aware of the problem and will do enforcement in those areas. 

In their address to the public regarding crime stats in the precinct, both Maldonado and Gherardi warned residents to not leave their keys in their cars unattended due to a rise in stolen vehicles. 

106th Precinct Lieutenant John Gherardi.

The precinct’s Public Safety Team has made stolen vehicle arrests within the 28-day period, Gherardi said. 

“Try not to leave items in cars, such as wallets, Louis Vuitton sunglasses, and laptops,” Gherardi said. “Take your items with you. If it’s not there, they won’t break into your car.” 

According to Gherardi, thieves are using a device that looks like a flash drive. When aimed at the front door of a residence, where proximity keys are often left, the device transmits the key club information which can unlock a vehicle. 

Gherardi noted that people should not leave their keys near the front door and instead place them in their bedroom. 

“Everything has decreased besides Grand Theft Larceny (GLA). We’re targeting the right locations and we have people at certain locations,” Gherardi said. 

In regards to complaints about loud music at a bar on Liberty Avenue, Gherardi said they will speak to the new owner and see what can be done to remedy the situation. 

In the 102nd Precinct, Maldonado said they’re down in robberies and shootings but are struggling with property crimes such as GLA and burglaries. 

Don’t leave your keys in the car while going to get something. It takes seconds for someone to get into a car and drive away,” Maldonado said. “I encourage you to get an AirTag, so when your vehicle is stolen we can easily track it.” 

According to Maldonado, residential burglaries happen at midnight and the precinct is conducting patrols and looking into recidivists — a person who is rearrested for a similar offense. 

“Make sure you lock your doors and have a surveillance system. They’re looking for easy targets and they won’t go into a home with a camera system or a dog,” Maldonado said. 

The Ozone Park Residents’ Block Association will continue to host meetings during the summer to address quality-of-life issues, according to Esposito. 

The organization distributed awards to police officers in both precincts, which were delayed since January. 

Photo by Carlotta Mohamed

On June 24, the OZPKRBA will host a closing ceremony for Oxford Bakery, at 104-01 Liberty Ave., with elected officials and community members to celebrate the history and thank the owners for their years of community service. The bakery will stop taking orders one June 17 and will officially close its doors on June 25.